Modification in Support, Custody and Parenting Schedule

Often times after the original decree of dissolution (divorce) or decree of paternity are entered by a court, circumstances change that may warrant a change in the terms of the original decree. Before a decree can be entered, the party seeking the decree must prove “substantial change of circumstances.” 

For child support, any party seeking a modification must be able to show the income or applicable variables used to determine child support have changed in such a manner that the child support calculation will be modified by at least 10%. 

For matters involving custody or change in parenting schedule, there is no bright-line rule for what warrants change n circumstance. Absent a removal, in which one party is seeking to leave the state of Nebraska with the child (children), specific circumstances that would warrant a change is subject to the court’s interpretation.  

Removal is when one party wants to move out of the jurisdiction of the court and the move will significantly affect the other parties parenting time.  In order for this change to occur, the party which wishes to move must show good cause and that the change is in the child’s (children’s) best interest Good cause can include job relocation, marriage or job status of a spouse for example.

From our experience in front of Douglas, Sarpy and surrounding counties courts, Forsberg Law provides our clients guidance on whether the circumstances warrant a modification.

These are high stakes matters that require seasoned litigators as both parties have the potential of significant loss.  Grant Forsberg has litigated numerous modification including removal cases and has an excellent track record of achieving our clients’ goals. 

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