Child Support

One of the paramount pieces to determine child support is each parties’ earnings or earnings potential. If both parents are gainfully employed, the first step is comparing income over the past several years.  Other considerations in the determination of support include physical custody, parenting schedule, availability of health insurance and its costs, parties participation in employee sponsored retirement plans among other factors.

Forsberg Law effectively negotiates and litigates child support in numerous cases each year. We understand the system and the factors that determine support.  We carefully explain options to our clients and effectively represent them during negotiations and/or trial to get the best result possible.  

Child Custody and Parenting Time: 
Property Division/Division of Debt or Liability
Spousal Support (Alimony)
Modification in Support, Custody and Parenting Schedule
Legal separation and annulment
Prenuptial agreements
Grandparent Rights 

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