Child Custody and Parenting Time: There is great deal of confusion about child custody and terminology used in Nebraska. There are legal custody and physical custody.  Legal custody has to do with which parent or parents have the ultimate control/say in certain decisions regarding a child such as education, religion, and healthcare. Legal custody can be either sole/primary or joint/shared.  Sole or primary legal custody is when one parent has sole discretion in these decisions for a minor child.  In joint/shared the situations both parents have an equal say in all major decisions. Physical custody is the determination of what extent each parent has physical possession of the minor children.

Forsberg Law works with our clients to obtain both the legal and physical custody arrangements that best meet our client’s short and long-range goals.  We extensively interview our clients so we can develop a comprehensive parenting plan that addresses as many issues as possible in the initial negotiations to help avoid future confusion and modifications.

Parenting time is the specific schedule that each parent has with their children including holiday schedules. The intent of the schedule is to avoid conflicts between the parties. Nebraska court systems have determined a non-custodial parent minimum parenting time to be alternating weekends plus one evening during each week.  This is often referred to as Wilson v. Wilson parenting time. 

We diligently work with our clients to negotiate a schedule that meets the client’s objectives and allows rich relationships with the children to be maintained.

Child Support
Property Division/Division of Debt or Liability
Spousal Support (Alimony)
Modification in Support, Custody and Parenting Schedule
Legal separation and annulment
Prenuptial agreements
Grandparent Rights

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